Technical Inovation
EONE ENG to contribute to the innovation of SOC, energy, and environmental technology
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Environment Consulting

Integrated Environmental Strategy Center
In 2017, government enforced the integrated environmental management system(Act on integrated managsement of environment pollution facilities – integrated law), which is expected to contribute to improve the environment issue through the paradigm shift. Since then, each business site has needed consulting from various expert groups to obtain integrated licensing under the integrated environmental management system.
In the meantime, Integrated Environmental Strategy Center of EONE ENG has secured our expertise and gained customer’s confidence by conducting integrated licensing consulting for many business sites in the business such as petrochemistry, petroleum refining, semiconductor and waste disposal(incineration). With these experiences, we are planning to conduct integrated licensing consulting for more various business areas to the appropriate timing for each business type, and will lead the industry in the integrated licensing consulting field.

Experienced Business Type

  • Environment policy
    Through research experiences on the policy related to integrated environmental management system and participation in a pilot project per business type, EONE ENG contributes to settlement of the system and environment conservation.
  • Semiconductor
    EONE ENG strives to help Korean semiconductor manufacturers proactively responding to integrated environmental management system and contributing to national environmental conservation.
  • Petrochemistry
    We support the petrochemical industry, which has actively responded to various environmental policies(e.g. chemical substance control law), to acquire the integrated license on time and to comply with the national industrial environment policy.
  • Incineration
    We cooperate to minimize the environmental impact on the area by achieving integrated licensing and conducting thorough follow-up environmental management.

Key consultants

  • Chigwang Jeong Vice-president/Head of consulting business divisionMaster degree in civil engineering, KAIST / Master degree from Politecnico di Torino
    Assistant manager, Daewoo Engineering
    Executive director, ESCO Consultant
    Award by Transport Minister (2008)
    Consultant for design review, Public Procurement Service
    Consultant for design, LH Korea Land & Housing Corporation
  • Yeongseok Lee Executive director/Head of Integrated Environment Strategy CenterPh. D. degree in environment policy, Imperial College London
    Water and sewerage system department, DOHWA Engineering
    Head of policy development center, Eco Frontier
    Award by Minister of Environment (2004, water demand control sector)
    Consultant for the study on the development of sewerage system performance management indicators, Ministry of Environment
    Evaluation committee for local performance of water demand management, Ministry of Environment
    Evaluation committee for water ecological restoration project group
  • Hogeun Ryu Managing directorB.S. degree in chemical engineering, Seoul National University
    Global Engineering Center
    GS E&C Process Engineering T/L
    GSIndia Engineering Sales T/L
    Koch-Glitsch Korea Process Engineering
    Daerim Engineering
  • Minmo Jeong Director/ChiefPh. D. degree in civil and environmental engineering, University of California Los Angeles
    Environment design department, Kunhwa Engineering
    New Technology Evaluation Lab, KEITI
    Examiner for water and sewerage system services, K-eco
    Examiner for G-SEED, Ministry of Environment


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