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HR system

Type of Talent Person

Creativity Professionalism Challenging
  • Creativity
    Creative people
    who always seek for new value by changing the way of thinking.
  • Professionalism
    Professional people
    who constantly challenge with the desire to be the best in the field.
  • Challenging
    Challenging people
    who lead to changes and innovation with an adventurous spirit and indomitable will.

The Personnel System

Offer the most competitive salary level in the consulting and engineering industry, Korea
  • Executives : annual salary system according to individual performance evaluation
  • Staff : subject to company regulation (provide extra pay for certification)
Consulting part
  • Staff(2yrs)
  • Assistant(4yrs)
  • Senior(4yrs)
  • Manager(4yrs)
  • Manager(Team Manager)(3yrs)
  • Chief
Engineering part
  • Staff(2yrs)
  • Assistant(1yr)
  • Assistant manager(3yrs)
  • Manager(4yrs)
  • Senior manager(4yrs)
  • Department head(3yrs)
  • CEO

Welfare benefits

  • Performance bonus
  • Offer recreation facilities
  • Long-term employee reward
  • Holiday system
  • Benefits for family events
  • Group retreat / workshop