Technical Inovation
EONE ENG to contribute to the innovation of SOC, energy, and environmental technology
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Water Environment Business
We are the total plant business where water supply system provides clean water by installing intake facilities, water-conveyance equipment, water purification, and drainage facilities, and sewerage system treats sewage from daily life and production activities and returns it to nature. EONE ENG carries out design tasks such as feasibility study, basic and working design for water & sewerage system, which is the major infrastructure of the country. Also, we have technical skills specialized in private investment projects.
Business area
  • · Design area : design facilities related to water supply & sewerage system
  • · General design : maintenance basic plan, feasibility study, basic design and working design
  • · Develop private investment project and write its proposal
  • · Develop and participate in overseas project related to water and sewerage system
  • · Competitive design : project management for private investment and design water and sewerage system